Roll-up Teak Bath Mats

Using a standard teak bath mat may not be the perfect solution for enhancing your bathroom.  Maybe you can’t find a bath mat that will fit just right in your tub or shower.  Perhaps you don’t like the feeling of standing on the rigid teak bath mats.  Or maybe having a bath mat on the floor at all times makes your bathroom look cluttered.  How happy would you be if there were bath mats that solved each one of these problems?  Great news, roll up teak bath mats are the answer!

There are two basic designs of teak bath mats that can be rolled up.  The first are those that have solid teak wood strips while the second type of mats have small solid teak wood tiles.  Both are stitched together to provide a flexible non-slip bathroom surface.  The basic design of each can be seen below.

Roll up teak bath mat







Because of their flexible conforming design, these shower mats can be used in the tub without damaging the surface.  They feel great on the feet, making your shower experience a little more luxurious.  They area also nice to step onto when getting out of the tub since the multi piece design feels more forgiving than a rigid teak bath mat.

Having a teak shower mat that can be rolled up and stored in a corner of the shower is a great solution if not everyone in your family wants to stand on a mat while bathing.  This will also make your shower look more organized when not in use.  The same can be said if you are using a roll up teak bath mat just outside your tub.  After you are done bathing simply roll it up and store it out of sight.

If you’ve ever used rubber bath mat you know how nasty it becomes after a few months of use.  Black mildew will start to grow and who wants to stand on that with bare feet?  Teak wood makes a perfect solution to this problem because it is naturally resistant to fungi, mold and mildew.  In addition, these roll up bath mats have air space in between each piece allowing them to drain and dry quickly.  No doubt the air quality in your bathroom will improve once you make the switch to a teak bath mat.

Why wait another day and risk another slippery shower when a flexible roll up teak bath mat is the answer to your question of which bath mat is right for me?  Many online and brick and mortar retailers offer these type of bath mats so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the perfect one for you.


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