Teak bath mats are small rigid structures made out of teak wood that can be placed just outside your tub or shower. After bathing, they are comfortable, sturdy places to step onto. Teak wood has been used for centuries, especially in Asia where the teak tree grows naturally. This wood is the best choice for use in wet or moist environments for many reasons. The basics of teak wood and teak bath mats can be found below.

Teak is the ideal wood for use in bathrooms as well as other wet environments such as around pools or water features as it is naturally resistant to moisture caused decay. Not only is teak wood resistant to moisture, it is also resistant to heat, cold and UV light.

Most people use their bath mat as a place to step onto from the tub or shower. However because of the durability of teak wood, these bath mats can be used in the shower where they serve as a slip free surface to stand on. Many rigid teak bath mats have rubber feet to protect the floor, but there are also versions that roll up and conform to the shape of the tub. This prevents damage to the interior of the tub while providing a beautiful and safe bathing experience.

Why use a teak bath mat?
Think about the last time you stepped out of the shower. Were your feet met with cold slippery ceramic tile that was uncomfortable and almost made you fall? Or was it a musty damp rug that greeted your freshly cleaned feet? Having a teak bath mat just outside your bath will make stepping out a safe, pleasurable experience. It will also save you time by not having to wash bath rugs every week or mop up water on the floor after every shower.

In humid environments such as in Florida or Hawaii, it won’t be long until bath rugs begin to harbor mold and mildew. Not only is this unsightly, it can actually transmit fungal infections to your feet. Replacing bath rugs with a teak bath mat will keep your feet cleaner since teak wood has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, teak bath mats have excellent air circulation so they will dry rapidly.

Teak bath mats offer more than functionality. You can feel the modern architectural touch that a teak bath mat adds to any bathroom. In many cases it becomes the focal point of the room because of its beauty, contributing to a spa-quality look that can be a respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Bathroom safety
There is an inherent risk in any bathroom with a tub or shower. Slips and falls are hazardous but the risk can be reduced by the use of a teak bath mat as they provide a comfortable, rigid slip free surface to step out onto. Any water that drips from your feet will not pool around them and create additional slip hazard. The drainage gaps in most teak bath mats allow water to move away from your feet, creating a much safer post bath environment.

Another great feature about teak is that even when it becomes weathered it will not splinter, so there is no risk of injuring your bare feet when your teak shower mat becomes weathered.

Caring for Teak Wood
Teak is an amazing wood. It is very hard and has naturally high oil content. This makes teak wood quite pest and weather resistant. New products made from teak will have a honey colored hue. This can be maintained for many years by rubbing with teak oil from time to time. See our instructions on how to care for your teak bath mat.  Alternatively, you can let your teak bath mat age with grace into a beautiful sliver-gray patina that can add a rustic touch to any bathroom. Oiling again with teak oil can recapture the new wood look to your teak bath mat. Teak is a self-drying material so there is no need to waste time drying it after each use. Purchasing a teak bath mat can be thought of as an investment since teak wood products can have a lifespan of up to 75 years.

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